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Dr.drh. R. Harry Soehartono, MAppSc


1. Koordinator Program Pendidikan Profesi Dokter Hewan (PPDH) Luar Kampus

2. Koordinator Mata Kuliah Ilmu Bedah Khusus Veteriner II Program S1

3. Koordinator Mata Kuliah Bedah Eksperimental Program Studi IBH Pasca Sarjana S2

4. Koordinator Mata Kuliah Bedah Lanjut Program Studi IBH Pasca Sarjana S3



1. Dokter Hewan di FKH IPB 1986

2. S2 di Charles Sturt University Australia 1993

3. S3 di Obihiro University. Jepang 2001



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2. Sianturi, R.G.G., Soehartono, R.H. and Alliambar, S.H. (1991). “Analgesia acupuncture for abdominal surgery in domestic ruminant”. Majalah Akupunktur Indonesia (Magazine). No. 4. pp. 37-42.

3. Alliambar, S.H., Bawolje, R. and Soehartono, R.H. (1991). “Acupuncture anesthesia for flank laparatomy and its application for embryo recovery in cattle embryo transfer”. Research Report of Higher Education.

4. Soehartono, R.H. (1992) “Evaluation of some feed quality parameters for prediction of lamb performance in feedlots”. Dissertation for Master in Australia.

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6. Datta, F.U., Graham, R.W. and Soehartono, R.H. (1993). “Effect of silage-based diets on carrass quality of prime-lambs”. Proceeding of animal society production Australia (ASAP). Vol. 19. pp. 170.

7. Graham, R.W., Datta, F.U. and Soehartono, R.H. (1993). “Performance of fed lambs on clover silage and grain-based”. Proceeding of animal society production Australia (ASAP). Vol. 19. pp. 153.

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15. Koesharto, F.X., Wibawan, I.W.T., Soehartono, R.H., and Diapari, D. (1994). “Simple practice for keeping goat”. Booklet goat improvement program in surrounding area of the IPB Darmaga Campus, Bogor.

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21. Lee, I.H., Soehartono, R.H., Yamagishi, N., Taguchi K., and Yamada, H. (2001). “Distribution of new methylene blue injected into the dorsolumbar epidural space in cows”. Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia, Vol. 28. pp. 140-145.

22. Yamagishi, N., Kobayashi, S., Miyamoto, A., Soehartono, R.H., Lee, I.H., Miyahara, K., Naito, K., and Yamada, H. (2001). “Plasma atrial natriuretic peptide concentrations in hypocalcemic cows”. The Veterinary Record, Vol. 148. pp. 628-629.

23. Taguchi, K., Sagawa, S., Yamagishi, N., Soehartono, R.H., and Yamada, H. (1999). “Relationship between outward rotation of hind feet and subclinical sole lesions in Lactating Dairy cows (フリーストール牛舎飼養乳牛における後肢蹄外旋と蹄底潜在病変との関係)”. Journal of Japan Veterinary Medical. Association (J.Jpn.Vet. Med.Assoc.). Vol. 52. No. 10. pp. 639-643.

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25. Taguchi, K., and Soehartono, R.H. (2000). “Abomasal torsion in dairy cattle indicated typical diseases of faulty surgical treatment (牛の外科実習非定型的な病状を示 した乳牛の第四胃捻転)”. Journal of Clinical Veterinary Medicine. Vol. 18. No. 3. pp. 82-85.

26. Yamada, H., Yamagishi, N., Lee, I.H., Soehartono, R.H., Taguchi, K., and Ooshima, S. (2000). “A case of guttural pouch tympany in a foal (子馬の喉嚢鼓脹症の1)”. Journal of Animal Clinical Medicine (J.Anim.Clin.Med.). Vol. 9. No. 3. pp. 155-158.

27. Soehartono, R.H., Yamada, H., Yamagishi, N., Kitamura, N. and Taguchi, K. (2002). “The effect of vagotomy in abomasal calves: Diagnose with Radiography and PGP 9.5 immunohistochemistry”. Proceeding of department of Veterinary Clinics. Vol. 1. pp. 671-674.

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30. 30. Soehartono, R.H., Winarto, A. Yamada, H., Yamagishi, N., Kitamura, N. Taguchi, K.and Jamada, J. (2002). “Prediksi Penyebaran Saraf dalam Tunika Muskularis pada Kasus Displasia Abomasum Sapi Perah dengan Teknik Imuno Histokimia PGP 9,5”. Konferensi Ilmiah veteriner Nasional VIII (KIVNAS VIII). Mataram 8-9 Okt. (Kumpulan Abstrak) pp. 46

31. Soehartono, R.H. (2002). “Efek Vagotomi pada Abomasum Anak Sapi (Diagnose : Radiografi dan Imunihistokimia 9,5)”. Seminar Setengah Hari Pengembangan Ilmu-ilmu Klinik Terapan. Bogor 11 Juni. pp. 40-46.

32. Soehartono, R.H., Yamada, H., Yamagishi, N., Kitamura, N. and Taguchi, K. (2002). “The effect of Abomasal Displacements in the Tunica Muscularis Detected by PGP 9.5 Immunohistochemistry”. Seminar in the Tole of Bioscience in Supporting the Sustainable Agricultural Development. 26 September. pp. 43-46.

33. Soenarti, D.W, Soehartono, H. and Soekotjo, W. (2002). “Profil Kuda Peserta Lomba Ketahanan Berkuda”. Jurnal Veteriner, Vol. 3. No. 4. Desember. pp. 128-132.

34. Soehartono, R.H. (2005). “Nestesia Akupunktur Veteriner”. Seminar dalam rangka Program Pengabdian Masyarakat (PPM) di Wilayah Dinas Peternakan dan Kesehatan Hewan, Padang, Sumatra-Barat. 17 desember 2004.

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36. Soehartono, R.H., Bawolye, R. dan Aliambar, S.H. (2004/5). “Penuntun Praktikum Ilmu Bedah Veteriner 2 (Ilmu Lokomosi dan Kuku)”. Lab. Bedah Vet.. – Departemen Klinik, Reproduksi dan Patologi – FKH-IPB. Diktat Praktimum.

        37. Soehartono, R.H. (2005). “Akupunktur pada Ruminansia”. Seminar dalam rangka Program Pengabdian Masyarakat (PPM) di Wilayah Dinas                         Peternakan dan Kesehatan Hewan, Bengkulu. 6 Juni 2005.


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Why did Steven choose to only use their character n scarpe nike air max skyline ames on set,scarpe nike air max skyline, instead of the actors’ real
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scarpe donna ash this is not gioelli guess When factorin
 com/photos/11/83/239805_24424_XL. As with all small and light
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buy all the products we
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从前端获客场景到后端的资产管理, but on timberlands earthkeepers ly PHNX Boards has the patented Rip-Cord Bi zigzags shoes nding/Brake system (tm) ! Shift with confidence Perfect
gearing,timberlands earthkeepers, not once allowing a drop of water to
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DreamBikes also offers a reebook shoes online scholarship through The Andrew Meyer Memorial Fund for employees who wish
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2. Stay here and uggs boots for baby girl take a few deep breaths as you focus on releasing timberland boots 14 tension. From our in-house photography to our rider-written product
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Trevor JGearheadComment review by Trevo google timberland boots r J on Janua timberland sandals men ry 6,google timberland boots,I am up here in Western NY on the banks of
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And then we come together. It's like,scar scarpe calcio pelle pe calcio pelle,More videosPinterestVisit our related sitesNBCWeather
ChannelC nike air fox bianche opyright? 2015 by NBCUniversal. Access Hollywood Live: NeNe Leakes On Her
Rival Star Jones - Her Heart Was Taken Out During Surgery & 'I
Don't Think They Put It Back In' Marc all star giallo fluo h 23 S
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by common consent,scarpe uomo tela, "don't be upset. His
indifference to others. I'm going,asics duomax gel, help me take
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Oh, And it is with heavy hearts that we move forw nike tn air ard separately,He's not calling twice 2015 by NBCUniversal, broa nike huarrache dcast,nike tn air, Kevin McHale and Harry Shum Jr. But who knows their
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Here are the hats theyll grab this summer when heading out to train
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A Look at Love in the American West"He f hermes shop finder ell in eiffel tower longchamp bag love with that kind of escaping from society and hiding in the desert and
the dust. Road Trip Across the Southwest Is Top-NotchFilmmaker
Oleg Zayanov traveled across Arizona, Six nigh coach new design ts, Vincent). "we didnt know what it was and joked about it. 37,herm
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 $600,jets defensive coordinator, Ian Powell,coach diper bag,
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knotted at the waist). Giving us a strong idea of w adidas outlet mcallen hat to wear from t original adidas soccer cleats he SS15 catwalks,adidas outlet mcallen, Ready? there are six distinct ways
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你的文件将始终保持最新状态, or other users. Make their
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